Cultivating Emotional Balance Teacher Training (CEBTT)
1 year training in North America
April 2018-2019

In 2018, we are thrilled to launch a one year teacher training in North America hosted at the Vajrapani Institute for Wisdom Culture in a remote Redwood Valley near Santa Cruz, California. This is the first CEB Teacher Training in North America!

  • 3 Weeklong Trainings: April 8-15 2018; November 5-12 2018; April 2019 [TBD]
  • Monthly online meetings for two hours
  • Self-paced online learning modules

Course Description

CEB is an evidenced based emotion focused program that has been delivered in health care, education, corporate, coaching and legal systems in over 10 countries since 2010.

The teacher training incorporates learning objectives in four areas:

  • Teaching Capacity—Developing skills for organizing and presenting an effective CEB course
  • Contemplative Practice—Gaining confidence in practicing and teaching the matrix of meditations offered in CEB: the cultivation of attention skills, the four virtues of the heart, and contemplative inquiry.
  • Emotional Skills–In depth learning on the families and functions of emotions. Exploring genuine well-being and psychological theories and practices pertaining to emotional balance.
  • Integration—Synthesizing emotional skills and contemplative practice into a modality for inspiring personal transformation.

CEBTT North America will be taught by Dr. Eve Ekman, MSW, PhD; Ryan Redman, MA with Venerable Tenzin Chogki and Lani Potts, MA, as support teachers and featuring sessions with founder Paul Ekman. Click here to learn more about the teachers. 


It is highly recommended that applicants have a background in psychology, social work or education, coaching, and/or experience in meditation, preferably both. Applicants should also possess a strong motivation for developing the necessary skills to serve the welfare of others.

Applications accepted through November 30th, notifications on acceptance by December 15th.

Cost to be paid in three installments

Installments Due January 1 2018, July 1 2018 and December 1 2018.

Each installment covers the weeklong retreat and teaching + three months of online training. The installment cost depends on your choice of accommodation from $2,000 for a Dormitory; $2,049 Semi Private dorm; $2,161 Shared private room; $2,300 Private room

Total Cost for 12 month training including three week long retreats plus 9 months of online training: $6,000-$6,900. Please write us with more questions about costs and pricing.

For more information: 

For application: CEBTT2017


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Testimonials (More…)

“Teaching CEB has been real life changing for me. It made me unite both a personal inspiration with the opportunity to share and meet people who are in the same path. Also, I believe teaching is the best way to learn and keep it up with the practice and theory in my life. As if that wasn´t good enough, we still get the chance to really provide meaningful tools to increase people’s well-being. I can´t see anything more important for people´s happiness and also for a better peaceful world as emotional and mental balance. CEB gives me the amazing opportunity to be a part of it.”

–Duda Nasimento, CEB teacher, Brazil