“The CEB teacher training is of superb quality and design. The practical training gave me a variety of tools to use during my own teachings, while the theory had an extraordinary quality of clarity that I highly enjoyed! Therefore every moment became useful and interesting. Most of all, what makes CEB teacher training really special is that it allows us to embody what we teach. What we practice shines through us.”

–Patricia Trautman, CEB teacher, London

“I didn’t know what to expect in the beginning (of CEB), but every week was full of revelations and clarity. I have definitely taken a wise step towards emotional regulation by attending this program and would recommend it to everyone!”

–Mansi Mehra, CEB participant, London

“CEBTT offers the evidenced based training that the field of psychology espouses in both mental stability and emotional regulation. It offers a rare combination of the psychology of emotion and meditation that gives its participants the experience and skills to teach confidently. It is my opinion that CEBTT is a unique and vital course in the field of psychology as we aspire to assist others in their paths to genuine happiness.”

–Ann Rowe, CEBTT participant, Washington

“For me, CEBTT was a life changing experience. I signed up for a meditation course and found much, much more.”

  –Yolanda Blanch Ruiz, CEBTT participant, Barcelona