Lani Potts, CEB Program Administrator
Using one’s heart and mind well each day represents a major emphasis throughout Lani’s personal life and career.  As a an educator for over 38 years, this theme impacted actions and decisions involving children, families, teachers, administrators, and community members focused on nurturing the social and emotional well-being of children along with their intellectual development.  Building a sustainable school climate and culture that is positive, respectful, predictable and safe represents the heart of this work, which includes mindfulness and resiliency.  She is also well versed in curriculum development and professional development training, serving as a teacher trainer for many years.  Along with this, she brings to CEB her training as a yoga and meditation teacher with a long established Buddhist meditation practice.  It is Lani’s aspiration to cultivate connections among the CEB teacher community making both practice and service more powerful.  Her enthusiasm and commitment to CEB and all it has to offer the world will serve the community well.   Email:

Sangay Wangmo, Program Coordinator
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